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Why Choose Parenting Partners?

Choosing an agency is one of the key factors to success in any surrogacy arrangement. Below you will find information on how Parenting Partners is different and how we can help you achieve your dream of a family.


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Why Choose Parenting Partners

One of the decisions you will make is whether to work with a relative, friend, find a match on the internet or use a surrogacy service. With a number of services and internet ad boards available, why use Parenting Partners?

This program does not reveal your name, address, phone or sensitive information about you to anyone not involved in your arrangement. We don’t send your application or profile information to other agencies. We’re typically with clients a year and a half to two years. If you're a client, we will work closely with you to maximize your chances for success

1. Personalized Attention: This program is smaller. This means we know who you are when you call and can provide the individual attention you will need.

2. Quality of Matches: You won’t be matched with just anyone who calls. You’ll be matched according to compatible needs and requirements. Personality, temperament and willingness to take some direction is as important as a surrogate’s fertility. Surrogates in our program are pre-interviewed, provide pregnancy records, insurance policies and a letter of good health from their doctor before you even meet them. Their husbands (if they’re married) are interviewed also. Additionally, a background check (for driving violations, civil actions and/or any record of criminal charges) is done ahead of time. Once matched (through us) your surrogate will go through medical & psychological evaluations specifically with you in mind (not just anyone) and also be referred for legal counsel. All of these steps are designed to best serve both the client parents and the surrogate they wish to work with.

Note: We do our own recruiting! We don’t go through “consultants” or other middlemen to make matches.

3. Professional Referrals: Referrals can be made to licensed attorneys, psychologists and fertility clinics as needed to help you with medical, legal and psychological aspects.

Escrow Service: Parenting Partners can refer you to a licensed, bonded escrow agent for fund management.

5. Free Rematches:
If you need to be re-matched after three unsuccessful cycles with your surrogate (having transferred at least two A or B+ graded embryos as certified by your doctor) there is no rematch fee. Please inquire for more details.

6. Proven Track Record
: Dedication to helping clients succeed is what sets Parenting Partners apart.

Parenting Partners charges $1500.00 to $10,000 less than other agencies for surrogacy services. And all with a personal touch!  Why pay more than you have to? Come meet with Parenting Partners and see the difference experience makes.

Our motto...

"Partners To Parents..." We feel that working together we can reach

the goal of helping people become parents through surrogacy