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Please scroll through to see pictures of our client couples, surrogates and the babies they worked hard to bring into the world. I hope they will inspire you on your own surrogacy journey, Best to you!


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We offer a wide array of surrogacy services for
Intended Parents and Surrogate Mothers.
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Surrogate Mothers

Becoming a surrogate mother is the most selfless gift any woman could give. It takes a special person to give in this way and we thank you for considering helping create a family. Please visit our Surrogate Mother Page to learn more about becoming a surrogate and how we are here for you as you embark on this special journey.

Intended Parents

At Parenting Partners our personal and individualized service is geared toward professionalism with your comfort in mind.We understand you will have many questions and look forward to helping you achieve your dream of having a family. Please visit our Intended Parents page to learn more about our services.

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We appreciate the opportunity to walk hand-in-hand as you embark on your journey through surrogacy. At Parenting Partners we offer free consultations and encourage you to contact us for more information.

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We Love All Our Surrogacy Babies!

Here are a few of our Surrogacy Babies. Dreams can come true!

Thanks to the parents for their confidence in our service and thank you to the darling, good-hearted  surrogates who changed their worlds. 

Dads with surrogate
Dads through surrogacy
Twins in colorful outfits

Twins born via surrogacy in play pen
Little boy holding bear born via surrogacy
Parents via surrogacy with baby
Little girl born via surrogate mother
Little boy born via surrogate mother on pillow Happy family made possible via surrogacy
Mom with baby and surrogate mother
Surrogate mother and happy parents Baby holding bottle born via surrogate

Shirley Zager and parents via surrogacy
Little boy wrapped in blanket born via surrogacy Parents of surrogacy baby smiling
Twin surrogacy babies holding each other
Surrogacy conceived twins on couch

Little baby in pink conceived via surrogacy
Surrogate mother with ultrasound of baby

Surrogacy baby in pink
Mother and Father with surrogacy born baby

Twins holding each other born via surrogate mother
Siblings made possible because of surrogacy

Happy family holding surrogacy baby Baby boy born via surrogacy in car seat

Twin surrogacy babies on chair Baby boy born via surrogate mother

Smiling twins Two girls born through surrogacy

Surrogate mother and intended parent holding baby Baby boy on blue blanket born via surrogacy

Children born via surrogacy smiling Cute girls via surrogacy with matching outfits

Hands on pregnant surrogate mothers stomach Smiling girl with red curls Surrogacy baby in hospital

Newborn surrogacy baby in blanket Intended parents and surrogate mother

Happy smiling family Little boy on toy bike smiling

Baby boy on blanket born via surrogacy Happy parents and children via surrogacy

Mother and baby born via surrogacy Family made possible because of surrogacy Christmas surrogacy baby

Cute baby born with the help of a surrogate Adorable baby born via surrogacy

Little boy in blue who was conceived via surrogacy Twins born with the help of surrogacy

Smiling surrogate mother Little girl in white who was born via surrogacy Happy family through surrogacy


Our motto...

"Partners To Parents..." We feel that working together we can reach

the goal of helping people become parents through surrogacy


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