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Helping Your Clinic Help You

By Cindy Young, RN, Third Party Coordinator at Fertility Centers of Illinois 

“Two things come to mind that would help both patient and myself as a coordinator with the process of putting a cycle together. First of all, I think the cooperation of all parties involved is crucial. Staying in touch with your coordinator to obtain initial information, asking questions, and then following instructions regarding obtaining tests, reports, or making appointments.

This last step absolutely helps dictate the timing of the cycle, and how fast things can be pulled together. There is a predictable course that a cycle needs to follow when using a third party, and cooperation definitely helps move the process along.

Secondly, I think couples need to be patient with the process; understanding that a cycle involving multiple parties (intended parent couple, egg donor, and/or gestational carrier) takes time to coordinate - often 3 months or more from the time of the initial match(es), until the embryo transfer is done. FDA regulations need to be followed, meeting with and evaluating all parties to the process, as well as synchronizing cycles.

This may seem like a daunting task at the beginning, but is made absolutely worthwhile by the arrival of that long-awaited baby in your arms.”

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